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Galway, the commercial and cultural capital of the West Coast of Ireland, is a charming university town of 70,000, located on Galway Bay and surrounded by beautiful, unspoilt countryside with Connemara and its hills and lakes to the west and the fascinating archaeological region of The Burren, Co. Clare, to the south. Galway’s history dates from the granting of its charter in 1484 by King Richard III of England.

The old quarter, nestled round the Spanish Arch and the remains of the medieval city walls, has always been a favourite with visitors. Its narrow streets are filled with shops, pubs, restaurants and bookshops.

Galway’s friendly informal atmosphere, clubs, live music scene, lively pub life and traditional Irish music attract visitors from all parts of the world, and its many festivals all enjoy an international reputation. Details from

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The jewel in Galway’s crown, however, is its people with their open, helpful friendliness and their generous hospitality. They always seem to have time to stop and talk with overseas visitors, giving truth to the description of Ireland as “the land of a thousand welcomes”.